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Soil testing

Growing plants in Northern Utah provides a unique set of challenges. Whether you are dealing with a soil that contains high pH levels which are common along the Wasatch front or one high in salinity or salt content which comes from living so close to the great Salt Lake it is helpful to know what type of soil you have, and the different components which make up that soil as well as any nutrients that your soil might lack.

our soil technician will come and collect small samples from the growing zone usually 6 to 12 inches deep throughout your yard, vegetable garden, and flowerbeds.

At great basin garden designs, we work with the USU soil analytics lab to receive the most comprehensive soil test possible. Your results will include the texture of your soil (i.e. sand, silt, loam, or a combination) as well as the pH level salinity level and a list of the nutrients present in your soil and whether any of those are lacking. The laboratory also provides a fertilizing guide as well as any suggestions that will help improve your soil.

Our soil technician will then pass these results on to you and will be available to help you interpret any of this information if needed.

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