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New Landscape Design

Are you starting with a blank slate following a recent construction. We can help. Sometimes it is difficult to envision what you want, or maybe you are having difficulties making sure you and your partner are on the same page.

We can help get those ideas on paper so you can better visualize what your space is capable of. At great basin garden designs, we like to meet with all members of the household that will be using the yard and garden area to ensure that we are able to make a space that is inviting and friendly for everyone.

We also realize that money can be tight after building a home. We like to talk about the budget that you have for landscaping. This is so we can provide a design that you will be able to achieve. We also like to discuss long-term plans in case you are unable to spend a lot of money right now you can spread the cost out over several years so you can receive the landscape that you really want.

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