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DIY Consultation

Are you the kind of person who is not afraid to get your hands dirty and learn new skills? Do you want the satisfaction of creating your own beautiful landscape but you don't know where to start? Or maybe you're looking for a different perspective in a difficult spot in your yard? Our DIY consultant can point you in the right direction and ensure that your project gets off to a great start.

Whether you are a seasoned gardener who just needs a fresh perspective and a few pointers. Or someone with no previous experience working with plants and landscape materials our consultant can provide as much information as you need to ensure success with your landscape.

Our friendly consultant will meet with you in person and inspect the areas in question. Our consultations usually take an hour but can last longer to ensure all aspects of your project are covered. We then take the information gathered and any questions or concerns that you may have and compile a comprehensive report that will be emailed to you going over all topics discussed in the meeting. This report can include a comprehensive list of plants that will grow well in your area, pointers on hardscape features, new projects, and any other topic that you may have had concerns about.

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